Chris-Ftinogiannis-IndividualChris Ftinogiannis, Accredited Exercise Physiologist / Director

Chris is one of the directors of AEP Health Group with over 16 years experience as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Commencing his career in 1996 at RAH’s Centre for Physical Activity in Aging, he was responsible for cardiac and stroke rehabilitation programs until 2006 when he established AEP Health Group with Reuben Vanderzalm. Chris has extensive knowledge in exercise therapy as a mode of treatment for patients suffering from various chronic conditions, functional assessments and musculoskeletal injuries. 
Chris leads AEP Health Group Workhealth division with particular interest in health assessments and rehabilitation following work related injuries and work hardening programs. Chris has also worked extensively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons in the establishment of health and lifestyles programs. Chris was nominated in 2011 for recognition of a non-Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person, for his contribution to the community. 
Qualifications: ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Bach. App. Science (Exercise & Sports Science), Cert. Clinical Rehab, Functional Capacity Evaluator with WorkHab, Current Senior First Aid & CPR.


In 1998 I completed my studies at UniSA and I was qualified as an Exercise and Sports Scientist. Although the focus of the degree was to train elite athletes, my interest drove me towards rehabilitation and helping those in need. I commenced my career in clinical rehabilitation at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre in 1998 and have remained in the field ever since. For the following 8 years I remained at the Hampstead Centre and I was involved in the phase 3 cardiac rehab, stroke rehab and working closely with the Vietnam veteran community where many friendships were built.

It was at the Hamsptead Centre in 2006 when I decided to enter the private sector with a colleague, Reuben Vanderzalm. We registered the trading name “Adelaide Exercise Physiology” (AEP) and set up our first clinic on Port Road in the heart of the western suburbs. Our goal was to provide quality personalised health services from private stand alone clinics to ensure all patients felt comfortable and at ease. This is something we believe we have achieved to date from all four of AEP’s clinic locations.

From 2006 to present time, my role has changed according to the needs of the business. However my enthusiasm in consulting and promoting specific health based programs for the Aboriginal Community have remained to this present day. In addition, cardiac rehabilitation has is also an area I am passionate in and continue to develop my skills in.

Away from the work environment, my energy turns to fishing and gardening. From the very young of age of 4 when my first fish was caught, I have been literally hooked into fishing. When a rare spare weekend presents, fishing takes precedence. I am also a strong a believer of fresh produce coming from the land, so gardening is also high on the agenda with a winter and summer vegetable patch planted each year.