Hydrotherapy classes are run at the ARC Campbelltown every Wednesday at 1:30pm. This is a great form of low impact exercise for clients suffering from chronic pain, decreased mobility or balance issues. It is particularly useful for clients who have undergone orthopaedic surgerHydrotherapy.jpgy to increase their range of movement and strength.

The Physiotherapist is in the water with you at all times to assist, and exercises are conducted in waist deep water so you don’t need to be a strong swimmer to participate.


You will need to have an initial assessment with a Physio at one of our clinic locations to work out your goals and create a program.

If you are unable to attend the group classes, your Physio can create an individual program which you can complete at a local pool in your own time. Consultation would occur at a clinic location, where we can print detailed pictures and laminate your program so you can take it in the water.