Stephanie-Individual-NORLUNGA-06Stephanie Gordon, Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Steph started working at AEP in September 2012. Since then she has gained experience working with people with a range of different health conditions and ailments in both a clinic and home based setting. She undertook post graduate studies at The University of Notre Dame where she worked closely with some of Australia’s top exercise physiologists gaining extensive knowledge in pre and post-operative orthopaedic patients including hip and knee replacements. She has also worked as a heart technician where she attained widespread knowledge in all cardiac related conditions and the role that exercise plays in the management of them. Steph is an advocate of implementing exercise into daily living activities and making it enjoyable. 
Steph specialises in the management of cardiac related health conditions. She has developed AEPs cardiac rehabilitation program and maintains close links with referring cardiologists and nurses. She also has an interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and exercise for neuromuscular disorders. 
Qualifications: ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Bach. App. Science (Human Movement & Health Studies), Graduate Diploma (Exercise Science), Senior First Aid & CPR.


I started working in the health industry in 2012 after completing four years of university study at both the University of South Australia and the University Of Notre Dame in Perth. I initially started working at SA Heart as a cardiac technician where I developed a keen interest in cardiac health and rehabilitation. I was responsible for doing ECGs, fitting and processing Holter Monitors and performing exercise stress tests.   In September 2012 I started working at AEP Health Group as an exercise physiologist. Over my time with AEP I have continued to develop my interest in cardiac related health issues and the role exercise plays in managing them.  

As a child growing up in the country I was heavily involved in sport and have therefore had my fair share of injuries and this is where I initially developed my love for musculoskeletal rehabilitation.   In addition to this, I come from a family with a strong medical background and therefore have always had a keen interest in the human body.

As a result of my love of the human body I am constantly looking at the latest research and studies into exercise therapy and then look for ways to apply this knowledge to ensure my clients are getting the most update and proven treatment.

Personally, I love travelling and as a child have travelled all over Australia and I mean everywhere! I am now on a mission to fill my passport with as many stamps as possible from all over the world.  I love learning about different cultures and do my best to step away from the main tourist attractions to spend time with the locals and see how they really live. I also love spending time with my friends and family and will regularly be seen at the latest coffee shop enjoying some time out.

I don’t believe that exercise should ever be used as a punishment or thought of as a chore. I try to teach people to enjoy going for a walk in the sunshine and seeing it as a time to reduce stress and step away from their busy lives rather than another chore they need to fit it.  Exercise,  in my opinion  is all about staying as healthy and strong as possible so that you can lead a happy and healthy life free from pain and chronic diseases and remain independent for as long as possible.